Miguel Cabrera: Best hitter in Baseball

Miguel Cabrera (left) and Prince Fielder (right) combined for all 8 of the Detroit Tigers RBI in a May 19th loss to the Texas Rangers

Sunday night Miguel Cabrera put in an historic performance, hitting 4 for 4 with three home run’s and 5 RBI in a 11-8 loss to the Texas Rangers. The 2012 MVP & Triple Crown winner is having a phenomenal 2013 campaign, after last night, Cabrera is batting .387 with 11 home run’s and 47 RBI this season. The Detroit Tigers certainly posses one of the most dangerous lineups in baseball with Miggy dominating opposing pitchers. Detroit leads the MLB in most runs scored this season at 222 and have a record of 23-19.

I think it’s fair to call Miguel Cabrera the best hitter in baseball. He is baseball’s version of Miami Heat MVP, LeBron James. Comparing him to LeBron, in terms of his numbers across the board being near the top. Dominant in all aspects of the game. For Cabrera, you look at batting average, home run’s and RBI, with LeBron you look at points per game, assists and rebounds. ESPN’s John Kruk is quoted as saying about Cabrera “I think people are realizing, fans around baseball, that they’re seeing one of the best ever.” According to @ESPN_Numbers on Twitter, since the start of the 2012 season, Miguel Cabrera leads the MLB with 184 RBI, the next closest is teammate Prince Fielder, with 142.

The big question, can Miguel Cabrera be the first player in MLB history to win back-to-back Triple Crown’s? There’s a good chance, considering Cabrera is first in batting average and RBI in the American League. He’s also pretty close in home run’s after last night’s stellar performance, one home run behind the AL leaders. Miguel Cabrera is making $21 million this season, according to ESPN.com salaries. He is worth every penny to the Detroit Tigers, as he is possibly becoming one of the best hitters of all time. Cabrera is only 30 years old and in the prime of his career.

Miguel Cabrera through 42 games (2012 & 2013 season)

  • Cabrera’s career numbers now stand at a .320 average, 332 home run’s and 1170 RBI.

If you’re a Detroit Tigers fan, you should be enjoying this Tigers team to the fullest. It’s not often you get players like Miguel Cabrera, Justin Verlander and Prince Fielder together on one team, it’s something special. Miguel is possibly putting together one of the greatest seasons ever, it’s early, but there’s potential for it. The Detroit Tigers are poised for another shot at the World Series this season with the lineup they put out every night, having Miguel Cabrera gives them a solid chance. Detroit has the 4th highest payroll in baseball at over $148 million and the team is built to win now.

The Detroit Tigers are currently two games back of the Cleveland Indians in the AL Central and start a series with them Tuesday night in Cleveland. The Tigers (23-19) will be starting Max Scherzer (5-0) and the Indians (25-17) throw out Corey Kluber (3-2).

I’m just trying to play my best and have fun”. Miguel Cabrera.


One thought on “Miguel Cabrera: Best hitter in Baseball

  1. Congratulations to Miguel Cabrera and to the Detroit Tigers organization and its fan for having the best hitter in baseball!

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