UPDATE: Dwight Howard to the Houston Rockets?

Dwight Howard has plenty of options this off-season when it comes to choosing an NBA team. The Los Angeles Lakers traded for Dwight Howard in August of 2012 in a deal involving the Orlando Magic, Philadelphia 76ers and Denver Nuggets. The 2012-13 season didn’t exactly go very well for the Lakers and Dwight Howard, finishing as a 7th seed in the Western Conference and being swept by the San Antonio Spurs. You might remember what could possibly be Dwight Howard’s last moment as a Lakers player, being ejected in game 4 against the Spurs. That would be a fitting way for him to leave Los Angeles after the season they had. But his one year with the Lakers could be just that, a one and done situation.

Dwight Howard

2012-13 was statistically, Dwight Howard’s worst season since 2005-06 (His 2nd season in the NBA) with the Orlando Magic. Howard this season averaged just over 17 points and 12 rebounds per game.

According to CBSSports.com, Howard is very intrigued by the Houston Rockets. It actually makes a lot of sense, in Los Angeles, Dwight is constantly being critiqued for his play or words in a city that is used to excelling in the NBA. Plus he is basically playing behind Kobe Bryant in L.A. which isn’t ideal for D12. On the other end of the spectrum, Houston isn’t quite as big of a market compared to Los Angeles and Howard would basically spilt being the face of the franchise with Lin & James Harden. They would make for a dynamic trio in Houston and possibly excel the Rockets to an elite NBA status. With other young players like Chandler Parsons, Omer Asik, Thomas Robsinson and Patrick Beverly, the Rockets would have a very solid squad in 2013-14 if Dwight Howard were to sign.

*According to sources, Dwight Howard and Chandler Parsons will be sharing the same agent

Now everyone seems to think Dwight Howard will chase the money, that would mean the Lakers being the favorite to sign him, as they can afford to pay the most. But in my opinion, Los Angeles isn’t the right fit for him and I think he will end up signing with the Houston Rockets. The Rockets can afford to pay him the most money (besides the Los Angeles Lakers) and there isn’t an income tax in Texas. If the Houston Rockets end up not signing Dwight Howard, I expect them to go after the likes of Josh Smith or Andrew Bynum as backup options.

I believe there are four teams chasing after Dwight Howard, that have a chance to sign him this off-season in free agency.

  • Los Angeles Lakers
  • Houston Rockets
  • Dallas Mavericks
  • Atlanta Hawks

What do you think, where will Dwight Howard sign this off-season? I’m picking the Houston Rockets.

*** (Originally posted on May 20th, 2013)


According to Adrian Wojnarwoski of Yahoo! The Houston Rockets are planning on trading the 5th pick of the 2012 NBA Draft, Thomas Robinson, to clear cap space for Dwight Howard. The Rockets acquired Robinson during the 2012-13 season in a trade with the Sacramento Kings. The Houston Rockets will be looking for the best offer to move Robinson’s $3.52 million 2013-14 salary. A max offer for Dwight Howard will be over $20 million per season. Clearly Houston will be and is already in the process of making a strong push for Dwight Howard, I chose Houston to be his new home, and I’ll stick with it.


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